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About the Series

     Books on Blast is not intended to be “just another blog.” R.S. Rowe created this series for a couple of reasons. The first? She loves to read. Like, loves to read. She has had a passion for literature since she was in middle school, reading almost anything and everything she could get her hands on. You’d be hard-pressed to find a Popular YA novel that she has not read.  She’s read the classics, most of the distopian trilogies that dominated the dominated the 2000s and 2010 eras, and been in the best seats when their adaptions hit the theater. She loves everything about novels, from the authors to the stories to the smells that come out of brand new books and even that musty cigarette smell that has dug into most oldies but goodies you check out of the library. 

     The second reason why Rowe is launching the series? She wants to see diversity in the exploration and examination of novels, poetry, autobiographies, and non-fiction. Not only will Books on Blast be exploring reads from a multitude of authors and sources, but the series and literary analyses will specifically be coming from the perspective of a young, Black woman. The series will feature NY Times Best Sellers, lesser known titles, titles written by men, women, the LGBTQ+ community, POC, and Black authors. 

     So, if you are an avid reader, or even if you aren’t, but you want to see a fresh perspective on some amazing (or maybe not-so-amazing) reads, this blog series is the one for you! 

What Can I Expect From Books on Blast?

Let’s be real: everybody is busy. It is hard to find the time to invest in hobbies, and fully enjoy the things that we 100% love to do. So what can you expect from this series?


  1. Updates: R.S. Rowe will constantly be updating the Books on Blast Bulletin. That way, you’ll know exactly when any of the Blog Blasts happen. They’ll be conveniently organized in an interactive calendar.
  2. Background: You’re busy! Sometimes fully understanding the context of a read can depend on background and context. Every Blast will have some important preliminary information and references included in the blog post. Let Books on Blast do some research so you can do a little less.
  3. Authenticity: R.S. Rowe believes in telling the truth. Any of the articles written are based firmly on the ideas, research, and opinions of the blogger and their experiences with the book that’s on blast. (Plus, RSRoweBooks has 0 sponsorships. So rest assured that the ideas communicated in the blog are never and can never be bought).
  4. Diversity: We’re talking diversity in subject matter, authorship, genre, and everything in between. Intersectionality? We’ve got that covered, too 

Books on Blast

Books On Blast is now Live! Click here to see the first upload!



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