The Novel

Stolen Jewels was the novel that encouraged R.S. Rowe to start RSRoweBooks. It is a Young Adult novel that parents and teenagers can read together as they hold their collective breaths for Amber and Onyx. Stolen Jewels can be previewed and purchased in a soft-cover edition for $12.95 here.

     Stolen Jewels is written as the first of a series of novels. Currently, R.S. Rowe has no release date or plans for the sequel to Stolen Jewels. Rowe hopes that future publications will be in electronic editions to make publishing and purchasing the novel easier. Readers, R.S. Rowe has not forgotten you, the characters, and the way they make you feel. Stolen Jewels is not over yet, and Rowe hopes that you will be patient with her as she completes the narrative of the twins’ stories.

Dear Future Readers,

I am so excited that you are expressing interest in reading the novel that sparked it all. Stolen Jewels was my biggest project, my baby, during its time of development, and it is still one of my most humbling accomplishments to date. I am not often confident enough to share the worlds that my imagination conjures up, but I hope to change that soon as I continue to develop the creative side of RSRoweBook and explore future writing projects and opportunities. If you find yourself interested in the story of Amber and Onyx, I hope you click the link above to purchase a copy from I hope you continue to visit the RSRoweBooks site for more blog posts and to continue to follow me on the journey that I take creatively and professionally with RSRoweBooks.”

                                                                       R.S. Rowe


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