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Spanish Phonetics

This class provides instruction in practical phonetics while emphasizing pronunciation correctives. This course plays a huge part in learning how the Spanish language sounds regionally and globally. This course complements conversational and speech classes, and helps fortifies skills in spoken language and comprehension skills. 

     The videos below show a portion of the final project completed in the Spanish Phonetics course. The goal of el proyecto de servicio was to create an educational tool targeted towards ESL students whose native language was Spanish. The idea was to break down a children’s book for an elementary school student. The video on the left shows the English version of the project, while the video on the right demonstrates the Spanish version of the educational aid. 

Topics in Hispanic Film

      FLSP 3130 is a course designed to analyze various aspects of historical events, culture, economic policies, and topics as seen through the gaze of Hispanic filmmakers. Genres such horror, thriller, comedy, and documentaries were viewed in class before being reviewed, 

discussed, and evaluated in the form of a written deliverable. 

     In the video below, for the individual class project, Rowe analyzes the movie Ocho Apellidos, a film that delves into Spanish stereotypes through the lens of humor.

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Deberes Escritos

Senior Capstone Course

     The senior capstone for the Bachelor of Arts in Spanish degree serves as a reflective course. For the capstone, you are required to evaluate the value of the education as well as the language skills that were acquired over the course of the degree. The course specifies that the student is to submit both oral and written works to the program advisor for assessment. 

     Below, Rowe has inserted some of the assignments that she submitted to her program advisor upon the completion of her Bachelor’s degree. 

Declaración de Principios

Sirve como una declaración de las experiencias de Rowe cuando ella estudiaba español. En esta declaración, los intentos y planes de la futura para Rowe ha discutido para el departamento español a la Universidad de Auburn.

Muestra Escrita

Una reflexión escrita sobre los fuertes y los débiles. Sirve como una evaluación del desempeño en el currículo español. También, la escrita declara los planes de Rowe después del título ortorgó por Auburn.

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