What is Biosystems Engineering?

      Biosystems engineers identify the world’s problems and apply the principles of engineering and innovation to the natural world. 

     By doing this, biosystems engineers create new opportunities in technological advancement for the problems that face the population every day.

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Biosystems Alumni

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About R.S. Rowe

     R.S. Rowe graduated as a concurrent Bachelor’s Degree student at Auburn University in Auburn, Alabama. She studied Biosystems Engineering and Spanish Language in the Samuel Ginn College of Engineering and Liberal Arts colleges. She worked as a Resident Assistant on Auburn’s campus for two years before transitioning to an off-campus housing arrangement. Rowe proceeded to work as an intern in the Office of Innovation Advancement and Commercialization in the Auburn Research Park. She was supervised while working with marketing projects that come into the IAC office, and also worked with the Prior Arts of patents proposed by AU stakeholders.

     Rowe  prides herself in being an involved member of the National Society of Black Engineers (NSBE). Her hobbies include reading fiction, bloggingwriting fiction, going on adventures with friends, watching beauty vlogs, and she has recently discovered a love for photography. In her spare time, she works on new ways to develop her website RSRoweBooks.com. Currently, she is taking courses in HTML, JavaScript, and CSS in order to gain a new technological skill set for her website as well as freelance work. 

     Academically, Rowe chose Biosystems Engineering because she has an interest in natural resources and sustainability. Rowe transferred to Biosystems Engineering and added her concurrent degree in Spanish during her sophomore year at Auburn University. Ultimately, Rowe hopes to work to continue the advancement of technology in renewable energy, water treatment, sustainable agriculture, infrastructure, land use, their applicable patents, and intellectual property.

     Rowe also values her education in Spanish. With over half of the world’s population speaking the language, Rowe feels that her skill in the Spanish language is one to continue to cultivate to use in her personal and professional life. With aspirations of working abroad and exploring the world, Rowe believes that her love of language will take her to all of the places she would love to experience.

     R.S. Rowe was recently employed in a tutoring position within the TRIO~Upward Bound Program in the Chicagoland area, working with high school students (grades 9 – 12) in mathematics, science, and college prep materials. Rowe has recently transitioned, accepting a full-time Engineering Assistant position with CONSOR Engineers, LLC. Based in Fort Myers, the newly acquired Water-Wastewater division at CONSOR is providing Rowe amazing work experience under the guidance of brilliant professional engineers. Rowe is excited to continue to learn and grow within her new role at CONSOR. 

Courses Taken

Orientation to Engineering (Fall 2014)

Introduction to Chemical Engineering (Spring 2015)

Introduction to Computing for Engineers and Scientists (Fall 2015)

Engineering Methods for Biological Systems (Fall 2015)

Biological and Environmental Heat and Mass Transfer (Spring 2016)

Instrumentation and Controls for Biological Systems (Spring 2017)

Hydraulic Transport in Biological Systems (Fall 2017)

           Natural Resource Conservation Engineering  (Spring 2018)

         Process Engineering in Biosystems (Spring 2018)

Irrigation Design for Biosystems Engineering (Fall 2018) 

Geospatial Technologies in Biosystems (Fall 2018)

Mechanical Power for Biosystems (Fall 2018)

Site Design for Biosystems (Fall 2018)

Engineering Design for Biosystems (Spring 2019)